About Us

Hungry Tab llc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hungry Tech inc.,a software firm which has developed a suite of new technology platforms that enable the Food Services industry to grow smarter and faster than ever before.
Our platforms collectively support the entire sales and fulfillment process from Customer acquisition, Loyalty programs, Marketing Programs, Ordering, Settlement, Staffing, Inventory and Delivery tracking.
Leveraging our Patent on Artificial Intelligence, Software and Network Infrastructure, our Merchant Partners can now have the newest technology at a fraction of the cost when dealing with any other 3rd party vendor.
Hungry Tech continues to solve problems by leveraging automation and A.I. to manage most of the workflow cycle. Merchants and Consumers benefit from a simpler more streamlined relationship when leveraging our technology. No Apps required.
Join our team and help us improve the Well being of millions of people worldwide.

Hungry Tabs helps your business generate more revenue, more efficiency, and more loyalty.

Make every customer an opportunity to fund your business, when you integrate Hungry Tabs into your future sales strategy.
Create and Manage campaigns directly from your card reader or point of sale system, with our integration APIs.

Hungry Tabs vs. a gift card

When you accept gift cards you can increase revenue, but you need to manage those card sales and process before you can use the funds. This increases transaction costs with overhead and liability. To build a loyal customer base Hungry Tab makes it easy and affordable to create meal plan programs that meet individual budgets.
Have an existing gift card program? We can migrate it to Hungry Tab, improve sales and generate a new method to fund your business in the process.

Trouble-free checkout

In a fast paced world, consumers are growing evermore impatient waiting on lines.
Encourage express check-outs by allowing your Hungry Tab customer to choose either a quick card swipe, number validation/sms or directly on kiosk screen. You can deduct offer amounts from Hungry Tab plans, calculate balance add tips and speed up the check out process.

Better pricing

Fixed-rate processors have to cover every possible interchange rate, so the price they charge per transaction is at a premium. Hungry Tab aggressively removes all additional fees, because our Tab is prepaid for your customers. so that we’ll get you the lowest possible rate for every transaction.

Flexible Offers

Traditional marketing efforts or coupons are fixed and often limited, making consumers numb to the campaigns. Hungry Tab makes giving discounts, special offers and deals super simple. Consumers can enjoy the benefits without the constant need to sell them on your offer.

Protect against fraud and theft

You never want to think a customer would steal from you, but sometimes they do. Hungry Tab tracks every transaction and validates every purchaser status, we insure everything including chargebacks, fraud and voids for maximum transparency.

Powerful analytics

Identify user trends, generate presales forecasts, optimize pricing, reduce food waste and selling unfreshness, and ensure you’re never under or over-staffed. No matter how many locations you have, you’ll be able to manage them all wirelessly from a single dashboard.

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